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Who’s In Charge?

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Canon Andrew Stott as Priest in Charge of St John & St James and St Philip’s Church. It is expected he will be licensed in June. Please pray for Andrew and his wife Helen as they prepare for their move.

Until then many people are wondering who will be running the Church and the Parish. The Church has a PCC (Parochial Church Council) made up of members of the church who have either been elected on to the Council, or have a place on the Council because of the responsibilities they have within the Church, such as the Wardens.

The PCC is the governing body of the church and as such is called to lead in making decisions and carrying out the mission of the Church.

PCC meetings are held about every 6 weeks and usually take place on a Monday evening, but as decisions sometimes have to be made in between the meetings, a smaller group, called The Standing Committee, may need to meet to discuss a particular matter and they may also need to make a decision on behalf of the Council. Those who make up the Standing Committee at our Church are:

Readers: Sue Green and Jenny Brady

Wardens:  Anne Green – 0151 920 2122  Marion Beattie

PCC Secretary: Carol McClements

Treasurer: Sue Green

Member’s of The Shared Ministry Team:

Sue Green, Jenny Brady and Carol McClements

Other members of the Council are Nancy Bell, Anne Gilbert, Linda Hoare, Kevin and Sue Williamson, John Woodruff and newly elected Tony Hoare and George Cook.

Can we please ask you to pray for us as we seek God’s guidance in appointing the best person as ‘our new vicar’.

Jenny Brady is Chair of the PCC. She is responsible for calling; planning and leading meetings, to enable the PCC in its decision making process. She is also a Reader, which means that she preaches and leads our Sunday morning Services

Sue Green is also a Reader and is the Treasurer; the person who is responsible for the money being recorded and spent as agreed by the Council.

The Wardens are Anne Green and Marion Beattie and they have ultimate responsibility for the Church, for example its building and the services.

Marion Beattie is also a Warden.

Carol McClements is the PCC Secretary and responsible for ensuring the Council follow procedures which have been set down by the Church of England and that discussions/decisions are communicated to all members of the Council.

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